The Jamaica Hospitals League of Friends (JHLOF) is a registered charity formed in 1990 by a group of Jamaicans working in the UK healthcare system. They were soon joined by others from a variety of occupational background, keen to support Jamaica.

Following a feasibility study in Jamaica that identified gaps in service provision and the range of need for medical equipment and supplies, health care support seemed an appropriate area that a charitable organisation could support. JHLOF has set out to assist the Jamaica health service to fill the gaps in service provision, helping to provide the kind of service that they desire. 


Our first fundraising event occurred when five midwives dressed in party frocks stood outside a club in Central London with collection tins because the Proprietor pledged to double the amount collected. We are most grateful to our early supporters. In addition, the ongoing support from the Jamaica High Commission in London and its Community Liaison Officers has been beneficial in referring the charity to key contacts in Jamaica. Without a high street office and minimal promotional activities, the charity is supported by volunteers who strive to work for the benefit of our people and our beloved Jamaica!


JHLOF obtained charity status at an early stage of its development, in 1995, and has maintained steady and incremental growth. Over the years the same dedicated committee members from its inception have continued to work for the benefit of Jamaica’s health service.  It is the continued commitment and support of fellow Jamaicans and friends of Jamaica that have been the backbone and strength of the charity. Whether a donation from an individual, attendance at a fundraising event or donation from a UK health institution, year after year the support has been very encouraging. Without this loyalty and support our beneficiary hospitals would have struggled in the areas where their needs were met. 


Over the years we have sent hundreds of hydraulic hospital beds, numerous orthopaedic/prosthetic appliances and other equipment and sundries to hospitals all over Jamaica. These are shipped directly to a hospital or to the Ministry of Health for distribution where the need is greatest.


On 28th March 2014, JHLOF proudly presented to the Health Minister, Mr Fenton Ferguson, at the Ministry, 50 new beds and lockers following our 'Jamaica 50 beds' campaign. These were sourced at a grossly reduced price of £12,500 and donated to six hospitals across Jamaica.   


More recently, JHLOF made a donation to the Linstead Hospital Maternity Unit of a Portable Incubator Transport System to the value of £45,000. This vital piece of equipment enables new born babies needing intensive care, to be transported safely to a better equipped hospital.



We have been fortunate to have the support of Santa Cruz Shipping in the early years. They introduced us to JP Shipping, a part of the Jamaica Producers Shipping Company, who has been one of our most loyal supporters over the years to ensure expeditious delivery of shipments. Our gratitude to them is immense. 


JHLOF have always worked very closely with the Ministry of Health in Jamaica in ensuring donations reach their destinations. Equally, the Community Liaison Officer at the Jamaica High Commission in London has always promoted the charitable endeavours, enabling networking with community organisations and, if necessary, liaise with the Ministry of Health in Jamaica. 


Established over 29 years ago the journey has not been easy but it has been extremely rewarding. JHLOF is now in its 30th year and the next generation of committee members are being developed to carry on this valuable and much needed work. Their enthusiasm is matchless and we are thankful that it is not only the ‘older’ sons and daughters of Jamaica who are giving something back, but their children are making their investment too. 


Together we will build!