Our main objectives are to source equipment and clinical supplies of relevance to the charity’s work, either through purchase or donation, which can be sent to Jamaica.  Having sourced them, members of the executive committee hire the relevant transport to collect and then ship them. Depending on the consignment a 40 foot container would be hired to take the equipment that we have loaded straight to the dock ready to be shipped to Jamaica.  This is gruelling and strenuous work at times as it involves the lifting and stacking of heavy steel beds up to 5 or 6 high. JHLOF members are frequently travelling up and down motorways, traversing narrow country paths to locate, pack and ship equipment. 

Other tasks include but are not limited to: 

·                     Distributing and collecting money collection boxes at various outlets

·                     Writing and publishing our newsletter 

·                     Maintaining the website 

·                     Pursuing other fundraising activities 

·                     Organising our annual fundraising Dinner and Dance  

·                     Producing annual reports for the Charity Commission 

·                     Liaison with members and other supporters